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Benefit from the credibility and positioning of a great brand, along with independent management thanks to our brand licensing

What joining Aquí tu Reforma offers you

Attract up to 40% more customers thanks to digital campaigns, agreements with estate agents, financial institutions and commercial partners.

Save up to 25% on costs thanks to the preferential agreements we have with suppliers to offer you the best price for your projects.

Access to over 60 training courses per year with experts in sales techniques, local marketing, user experience and other aspects.

Manage your daily work with our own advanced marketing, sales and budgeting tools.

Find everything you need to improve your company

A successful commercial model which has revolutionised the refurbishment sector

Strategic Consultancy

A consultant offers you advice to improve your business figures.


Our own finance platform to convert more projects and provide more reliable payments.

Customer service

A professional service to offer your customers personalised, premium care.


A technical department to ensure the best build quality within the network, with audits and checks.

Retail store model

A project and consultancy service to position your store and improve your point of sale conversion.

A great business opportunity

What our licensees say

The fastest growing renovation brand

A great company that believes in you

Process digitalisation

We apply more efficient working processes and the latest technology, committed to an innovative working approach that maximises your business and your time.

International expansion

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, and we have commercial offices in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao. We are preparing for our internationalisation, hand-in-hand with the leading professionals.

Positioning and prestige

We deliver the recognition and prestige that the sector deserves, by offering one single service which positions us as the leading name for refurbishments.

Over 300 licensees

We have the biggest network of independent professionals in the refurbishment sector in Spain. Instead of going it alone, join a project full of ambition.


What you need to know about our brand licences

Aquí tu Reforma operates similarly to a franchise, but we give traders the autonomy to control their business. Under our brand licensing model we will be there by your side, promoting your work through the numerous services offered from central office, but without you losing control of your business.

An expansion manager will tell you whether there are licences available in your area to begin operating under our brand. You can request a meeting with our team right here.

Join our brand

We have a department focused on evaluating the inclusion of new licences according to different variables: population in your area, number of older homes, refurbishment turnover and market share, as well as the maximum number of licences for a particular area. In terms of the number of customers, that depends on your capacity to handle a certain number of construction projects per month.

We bring our legal department in on a consultancy basis from the Aquí tu Reforma head office. The best way to avoid such cases is to offer customers the chance to finance the work, thereby minimising the risk. Finance is offered as a built-in Aquí tu Reforma service.

Our whole team at central office is hard at work to promote your business; don’t forget that your success is our success. You will have a personalised business plan, customer marketing campaigns, specific training, financing tools… all designed to ensure your success.

Yes, of course. We are revolutionising the refurbishment sector and aim to do so hand-in-hand with committed, ambitious professionals. We are looking for long-term relationships where we can help you to continue growing alongside our brand.

The licence has a duration of five years.

The licence model has an assigned fee providing you with access to the brand, to begin working with Aquí tu Reforma, as well as being eligible for the numerous services we offer from central office: training, marketing, technology, consultancy… Our licensees normally see their turnover grow when they join our network, and so will typically earn back the entry fee in the first few months.

Not without a prior licence agreement. Aquí tu Reforma is an integrated brand with the largest network of professionals in the refurbishment sector in Spain. We refer projects to our brand licensees, but also go much further, offering comprehensive support and advice with the aim of boosting our licensees’ work at every level: turnover, time management and productivity.

Yes, one of the advantages of being a major brand is that we negotiate directly with suppliers and arrange the best terms for our brand licensees: the best prices and excellent service at all times. Your work will be more efficient, and you will increase your profit margin.

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