The perfect shelter

Detalles del proyecto

7 semanas
70 m2

La reforma ha ido como la seda y las opciones de financiación nos han ayudado muchísimo

Gonzalo Somoza


This story begins as if it were an American film. Gonzalo and Ana met at university, when they were both studying veterinary medicine. And since they were studying together, they have not been separated again. But they are no longer alone, as they share their life with three girls and two little dogs… they are already a large family!

After a few years of relationship, Ana and Gonzalo took the step of moving in together. And they did it in this flat that has been refurbished by the Aquí tu Reforma team. First they rented it, but after two years they decided to buy it and decided that they wanted to share their Sundays with their friends and family.

When they finally became homeowners, they decided that they wanted to give this house a makeover, as it was too old-fashioned, didn’t look pretty and didn’t represent their personality. That’s when Aquí tu Reforma came into the equation and we worked our magic.

Although this flat in the centre of Madrid is old and doesn’t have many square metres, we managed to turn it into the perfect refuge for this couple, their girls and their furry friends. The renovation is complete and radical. We completely renovated the house in terms of installation, floors and walls. In addition, we gave a twist to the kitchen and opened it to the living room, creating an open space that seems much bigger.

It was essential for them that the girls’ bathroom had plenty of storage space, two sinks and a huge mirror, to make those crazy, rushed mornings more bearable. In the en-suite bathroom they fitted Porcelanosa wall tiles for an elegant finish and warm lighting. On the floor we installed Simon 100, a smart lighting control solution that allows you to create different atmospheres from one device.

But Gonzalo and Ana had one wish in particular that they thought they could not make come true. What was it? To recover the terrace. The former owner had closed it many years ago to gain more space in the living room, but our protagonist couple, lovers of plants and sun, wanted to recover that desired terrace.

And Aquí tu Reforma made it happen! The faces of the family when they saw that they could share a nice snack on the terrace in good weather was priceless. Although it turned out to be a challenge in capital letters, this reform had a spectacular result and has certainly transformed the lives of this family.

Project details

7 weeks
70 m2

The refurbishment has gone smoothly and the financing options have helped us a lot.

Gonzalo Somoza



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