A dream kitchen

Detalles del proyecto

9 semanas
200 m2

Han cumplido los plazos pactados en la reforma y la atención ha sido inmejorable.

María José de Diego


After a life together and two children, María José and Carlos decided to move to a bigger house where they could watch their children grow up and share very special moments with family and friends. It was then that they fell in love with a beautiful house on the outskirts of Madrid with endless possibilities, but in urgent need of renovation.

Far from being discouraged, María José and Carlos thought that renovating their future home was the perfect opportunity to make it their own and create the perfect space to care for their family. María José, a social media enthusiast, was clear that she wanted to do the refurbishment with Aquí tu Reforma because she loved our Instagram profile (we’re not saying that!) so she decided to ask for a quote.

We worked hand in hand with them to prepare a bespoke project. It wasn’t easy, especially the kitchen, as what they were looking for was to create a dream space, absolutely custom-designed. But at Aquí tu Reforma we like challenges and we got down to work to prepare a proposal that this couple completely fell in love with.

It is in the kitchen where we see a radical change and it is no wonder… Our team worked hard to make what our clients had in mind a reality. The kitchen becomes the absolute protagonist of this home, with a custom designed island with lots of storage but totally discreet.

We completely rethought the lighting of the space, creating a play of light that makes this spectacular kitchen shine even brighter. It is designed as a place to share very special moments far beyond just preparing recipes. It has an integrated bench to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif with a magical natural light.

Another key point was the renovation of the bathroom, where we not only removed the bathtub to install a shower tray – Carlos’s express wish – but we also created a very modern, updated room with black taps and fittings that catch any eye.

In the bedroom, our protagonist couple wanted to create a space full of comfort, where they could take refuge from the world. We renovated the floor for one with a lot of warmth and incorporated a wallpaper full of personality.

The Aquí tu Reforma team gave a facelift to all the rooms: removing the stippled paint, installing a more beautiful and resistant floor and renewing the lighting. An intense job that despite its high level of dedication, we carried out in the planned time (as we always promise) and prioritising the wellbeing of María José and Carlos, who are now very happy in their new and renovated home. But not as happy as the little ones in the house, they don’t want to leave the kitchen!

Project details

9 weeks
200 m2

They have met the deadlines agreed in the reform and the service has been unbeatable.

María José de Diego



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