Industrial and full of personality

Detalles del proyecto

8 semanas
75 m2

Los recomendamos por su profesionalidad, trato, paciencia y dedicación para hacer realidad todo lo que teníamos en mente.

Bianca Alberti


Bianca, an Italian lawyer in love with Barcelona, decided to move to the city in pursuit of her dream of living among Gaudí’s buildings, Miró’s art and delicious calçots. Although her initial idea was to live in Barcelona for a certain period of time, meeting Gianmarco completely changed her plans. Love arose between them and they soon realised that the scenario where they wanted to build their life was not in Milan, their hometown, but in Barcelona.

This is how they began the process of looking for a home to buy together, choosing the Clot area, a beautiful area of Barcelona that was once industrial and that preserves its intimate and neighbourhood essence, with small shops that coexist with the strong technological spirit of Poblenou.

Once they found the perfect flat, it needed a good facelift to become a real home. To make it possible, this Italian couple decided to do it with confidence, so they counted on the team of Aquí tu Reforma, from where we advised and accompanied them in a process as important as the reform of our shelter.

Despite their Italian roots, the couple were very clear that for their home they wanted the traditional style that is usually seen in the oldest homes in Catalonia and especially in the city of Barcelona to predominate. To achieve this, they left the ceiling exposed, where we restored some beautiful beams, very typical in the flats of the city a few years ago.

We did the same with one of the walls, we left the brick exposed and gave the house an overwhelming personality and very connected with the industrial origins of the Clot area, where this house is located. This industrial style is present in every corner of the home, such as the kitchen, with black furniture and materials such as steel or sheet metal, which contrast with the warmth of the wooden floor, the plants or the wicker.

Of course, what Bianca and Gianmarco were looking for was a home that reflected their deepest essence. And there is no doubt that this home breathes authenticity from every pore. In the bathroom they have followed the same trend, opting for less traditional elements such as black taps, a very original bathroom furniture or a risky but very successful wall covering.

The best thing about this project has been having the opportunity to make the long-awaited dream come true for a couple who have always dreamed of living in a house to call home. From Aquí tu Reforma we thank them for their trust and we wish them to be very happy in this new stage of their lives that they will share in a space as beautiful as this one. Connie, their cat, is also delighted with this refurbishment!

Project details

8 weeks
75 m2

We recommend them for their professionalism, treatment, patience and dedication to make everything we had in mind a reality.

Bianca Alberti



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