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*Subject to prior approval of financing through collaborating financial institutions.
*This establishment, through CREDIT AGRICOLE CONSUMER FINANCE SPAIN EFC, S.A.U., and subject to its study and approval, facilitates the payment of your reform, for amounts between 200€ and 35.000€ up to 60 months with opening commission, without interest, I.I.N 0,00% APR min. 2,89%, APR max. 4,82%. Arrangement fee of 7.5% prorated over 60 months. Example for a renovation of €10,000.00. 60 instalments of €179.17, N.I.R. 0.00%, E.A.R. 2.89%. French amortisation system. Arrangement fee of 7.5%. Total interest: €0. Total cost of credit: 750.00€. Total amount owed €10,750.00. Total amount in instalments: €10,750.00. Purchase price of the service in cash 10.750,00€. Consult other forms of financing or instalments.