Finance your
refurbishment with
convenient payments

We want you to be able to make your dreams come true without worrying about money. Which is why we work with different banks to offer you fully convenient finance for your refurbishment.

Bespoke finance for your refurbishment

Our Aquí Credit platform puts you in contact with different banking options tailored to your needs so that you can finance all or part of your refurbishment, paying convenient instalments on the best possible terms.

In 5 minutes

Without paperwork

Without leaving home

Enjoy your home free of limitations

That is the process to finance your dreams


We analyse your case in detail

We analyse your case and present different options so that you can choose the best one to finance your refurbishment.

Up to 100% finance over 10 years

We can obtain up to 100% finance over 10 years if you don’t have the money available or don’t want to invest all your savings in your refurbishment.



Financiamos hasta el 100% en 10 años

Podemos conseguir hasta el 100% de la financiación en 10 años si no dispones del dinero necesario o no quieres invertir todos tus ahorros en la reforma.


Straight away and hassle-free

We make it so easy for you to access finance in just a few minutes, with no paperwork and without having to leave home.

Our own transparent platform

We are the only refurbishment company in Spain with our own finance platform, offering transparency at every stage of the process.



Plataforma propia y transparente

Somos la única empresa de reformas en España con una plataforma de financiación propia y transparente durante todas las etapas del proceso.

Do you want to refurbish your home?

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*Subject to prior approval of financing through collaborating financial institutions.
*This establishment, through CREDIT AGRICOLE CONSUMER FINANCE SPAIN EFC, S.A.U., and subject to its study and approval, facilitates the payment of your reform, for amounts between 200€ and 35.000€ up to 60 months with opening commission, without interest, I.I.N 0,00% APR min. 2,89%, APR max. 4,82%. Arrangement fee of 7.5% prorated over 60 months. Example for a renovation of €10,000.00. 60 instalments of €179.17, N.I.R. 0.00%, E.A.R. 2.89%. French amortisation system. Arrangement fee of 7.5%. Total interest: €0. Total cost of credit: 750.00€. Total amount owed €10,750.00. Total amount in instalments: €10,750.00. Purchase price of the service in cash 10.750,00€. Consult other forms of financing or instalments.